Saturday, 29 March 2014

Jupiter Ascending: Trailers

Here are the trailers for 'Jupiter Ascending' I have been working on this for about 6 months in a variety of roles but the majority of the time I have been animating and a few of those shots can be seen in trailer 2.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Under The Skin: Trailer

Here is the latest trailer for Jonathan Glazer's new film 'Under The Skin'. I worked on this for the majority of last year. It is released very soon.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Classic Film Odyssey

Lately I have been dedicating a lot more time to film, even though I work in the industry I am finding that I want to know more about the industry that I love. Film school really opened the door to the films of the past and I have been continuing that voyage ever since I left the school.

Ever week or so I am going to the cinema to enjoy the new generation of films on the big screen and I am also collecting the old films to enjoy. I usually choose the films from an actor I like or someone that people always mention, such as 'Vincent Price'.

Here are a few that I have watched and enjoyed so far,

Attack (1956)

 The Fly (1958)

 Champion (1949)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I  currently find myself with some downtime at work. 2013 so far has been slow to start (See VFX Solidarity) and I have a bit of time on my hands. I have been occupying myself with learning as much as I can while it's quiet.

I am slowly working through a list of software and techniques that I have always wanted to check out but never had the time to play with. I have mainly been focusing my time on Rigging related learning and with that comes scripting. It's something that I have always been aware of but not tried until now. 'MEL' is my new focus and so far I am enjoying it. I have no background in scripting or programing so initially it has been tough to get even the simplest things up and running.

About a week in I have managed to write 5 little tools, I would describe them more as macros and really all they are doing is automating something that I would do. I think I had more fun making the shelf icons but writing tools that help is very rewarding and I hope to get to the level where I can write my own 'Auto Rigging' script.

 So far I have two scripts that create control objects that I use during the rigging process, they consist of a box and spherical curve shapes. I am going to add more shapes later. A simple switch that turns the visibility of 'nurbs curves' on and off. A renaming tool which works by selecting a few objects in your scene and you can write the new names in a simple GUI. Finally a little tool which I finished today where you can check symmetry of a model or a rig.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The cycle of Art

On my way to work this week there was a poster in the London Underground, it was for a video game that had an upcoming release. I knew instantly what the game was because of the creature on the poster. It was for a 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' and judging from the poster it focuses heavily on James Cameron's - Aliens.

The reason for the post is that the poster was setting the game up well but the main thing about it was that it mirrored a shot I had designed for Conway (our NFTS SFX film) and the reason I thought that it was great was that I had based lot's of the shots and drew the storyboard with 'Aliens' in mind. So to see a new game using a poster that referenced a shot from Conway which intern came from Aliens was proof that art indeed does imitate art.

Here are the images to compare:

Both shots are almost a carbon copy of each other, the smoke in background, the goo dripping from the mouths of the alien and the power angle.

Here is a the 'Conway' trailer that affectionately sends up 'Aliens'

Conway: Trailer (NFTS) from Samuel Walsh on Vimeo.

Bring back the pain, B*tch!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Gambit: Trailer

Finally after a whole year, Gambit is being released and will be in the cinema in November. This job came right after Mirror Mirror and I was asked to create a CG Colin Firth for a shot. I fulfilled a few roles on this, I worked as a modeller, rigger, texture artist and an animator and so was thrilled to have such a lot to do. The final shot came out really well and I'll be adding it to me reel very soon.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Cast and Crew Premier - Anna Karenina

On Sunday I was invited to attend the official premier of Joe Wrights version of 'Anna Karenina' at the world famous Leicester square Odeon cinema.

After all these years of working towards a job in the film industry and to be able to share my first credit with my fellow VFX team and the majority of the cast and crew was really a very humbling experience and was a great way to start my career in film.

The film itself was full of lavish visuals and sumptuous costumes and the cherry on the cake was waiting and watching credits and finally seeing my name scroll into view and quickly disappear.

A truly special moment.